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2016 MA'AT provides community-focused leadership development that strengthens and supports individuals and organizations to enhance their effectiveness in organizing and empowering community residents.
"Community Building    LEADERSHIP TRAINIng    Healthy living"
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We appreciate your interest in the work of 2016 Ma'at and the Bronzeville Abudnance Campaign (BAC).

BAC is engaged in place-making efforts in order to support our peacemaking initiatives.

Piece of Peace Garden

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"MA'AT is a peacemaking tool which pulls people back to their humanity through the practice of truth, justice, righteousness,

balance, order, propriety and harmony.”

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide community-focused leadership development that strengthens the capacity of individuals and entities working toward community development. Such trainings provided by MA'AT will help foster greater bonds among community organizations resulting in the formulation and growth of a much needed critical mass.  Laying this foundation is essential to advancing programs and policy decisions impacting the health, safety and well-being of disenfranchised, under-resourced communities. In recognition of the role community stability plays in public safety, MA'AT also offers both instrumental and consultative support to community-based groups and associations that focus on stemming violence.  We invite you to invest with us into making Bronzeville, and the surrounding area one of the best places to live in Chicago and the world.

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3763 South Wabash Ave

Second Floor

Chicago, Illinois 60653

(For mailings & deliveries)

3757 South Wabash Avenue

Chicago, Illinois 60653

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